Brushstrokes of Time

Times of reference, time wasted, dead time. Life is time that cracks and falls to pieces. Cultivating time (sometimes the harvest is good and times are great). Life is a stock?market gamble with time. Fate is the deal you cut with time. Glory is using time the right way. There’s a time for love and time wasted looking for it. Art is time.

Josep M. Codina works with time and in time. He always has.

Codina first painted the substantiation of time: clocks with impatient hands. His early work. Youth is always in a hurry. Early paintings in which the artist converses with time, but is still limited by conventional inexperience.

Time is humans’ greatest dictator. Time passes. Codina keeps on painting. The artist is known for his tenacity. Paintings as dense as the time they represent. He is trapped by art. And by time. Codina learns that time is a wise character. He represents time as enigmatic and disconcerting. The artist’s second period. Representation is not literal. Codina paints what he cannot see: the time he cannot see, but feels.

A certain amount of time has passed. Josep M. Codina was born in Mataró in 1958. Neither a long or short time ago. The Lord of Time snickers at our concept of time. Eternity could be a second. Codina goes back to time again and again. He knows what it’s worth. And he also Learns to represent it in more intelligent ways. His paintings are surfaces made with layers of time. The materials are an expression of that time: wood, paraffin, wax, paper. Preparation takes time. The process is also art. Painting as process. Time is the raw material of painting. Codina caresses time when preparing the painting. The pictorial movement that lends a formal appearance to the painting is very subtle. It combines the naïveté of a child’s doodle with the cold metallic knife thrust that kills a period of time.

Even more time. We are now in the present. Codina presents his latest works (maybe not so recent). It is gallery time. Show time. Shared time. Just a year ago we were in the same place. A familiar place (Ambit Galeria d’Art). We can tell that time has passed. With the passage of time, the big question is whether or not we have more time. Codina provides an answer. He has discovered that time can be accumulated. In his latest works he has closed the wounds of time. The incisions have produced folds. Each fold is a movement of time, each fold is an instant. Many folds are Life. Like Codina’s brushstrokes. Brushstrokes of time.